Saturday, December 8, 2007

#29 - A Ron Paul American, Alex Merced for Freedom

Hey Guys,

I have been writing this blog talking about many of the key issues to this election, analyzing the polls and doing my part to keep you all informed. There are still a few issues I haven't gone over yet such as education, healthcare, Drugs, and Abortion, and I will be covering the Ron Paul view on these soon enough. Although as you know, I'm not just one to talk politics, I want to be a person of action and now that I have graduated from college it's time to get involved and make change. So I'm announcing my career in politics.

Alex Merced for Freedom - Life. Liberty. Happiness.

My 16 year campaign begins with the first milestone to run for US representative of New Yorks 4th district in 2012. I will see where this takes me and then attempt to run for the President of United states 2024. A little early, maybe but I have lot of work to do between then and now. I will over Christmas film a series of video of me talking about the issues, where I stand and why. I am a Ron Paul American, so you can pretty much expect the same except I don't have quite the record he has... yet.

Still 4 years before 2012, right now you need to register to vote, and Vote for Ron Paul.

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