Saturday, December 8, 2007

#28 - Spreading the Ron Paul Message & Mobilizing Congressional Districts

Hey Guys,

No matter what happens this 2008 election year, the message is spreading and our mission is clear.

1) Spread the Philosophy of Liberty, the US Constitution, and Austrian Economics so people understand how to best improve their lives.

2) Mobilize Congressional districts to Elect people who understand these philosophies into congress and make sure current congressman are held accountable to their districts.

By doing this not only do we improve Ron Pauls chances of becoming president but we also help change the sentiment of the nation and produce the principaled congress Ron Paul needs in order to make the necessary changes to the country. This is why I have created Liberty Independence Alliance. The video section has many videos describing the message and what's at stake great to introduce people to the message. Here are some select video I've imported from youtube for your viewing.

Government Economics 101

The Philosophy of Liberty

Dismantle Public Education

The War on Drugs

These are a few of the videos I have imported to help people come learn about Liberty on the LIA social network. I also encourage people to come participate by writing blogs and posting on the forums for healthy discourse. This only is the first mission though, spreading the message.

In order to mobilize every congressional district I'm asking everyone to join the LIA and create a group for their district, and then get as many like minded people from their district to join that group. Then the LIA will be able to send out Newsletters for these districts to mobilize to make sure their representative votes accordingly on bills such as the American Freedom Agenda, and the Honest Money Act.

Here is the group I started for my district, New Yorks 4th District. Also, if you plan on running for congress or another office start a group for that as well, here is my group for my future run for US representative of my district.

If anything else at least Join the LIA so you can receive the monthly newsletter on the movement to spread the message of Liberty and mobilize all 435 congressional district in one central network of Liberty. If you don't know what district your in look it up on wikipedia.

Take charge, Freedom takes hold one person at a time!

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