Saturday, December 8, 2007

#27 - A Shift in Gears for the Ron Paul Campaign, Giuiani Scared?

Hey Guys,

Now with Ron Paul polling at a strong 7%, and more than likely being at 9% before the TeaParty on December 16th the media are starting to show signs of a real shift towards Ron Paul. More and more we're starting to see fairer and fairer coverage, it's been slow, but it's happening with coverage of the upcoming blimp and TeaParty and such. With Thompson down to 9% and Mccain slightly ahead of that, Ron Paul is with swiping distance of 4th place, and within spitting distance of Giuliani and Romney for 2nd.

Insiders have already said that this was allegedly said at Giuliani rally.

"The director said, with Ron Paul's success...we will be going into Florida without any wins and Florida is going to be our last chance at the Nomination. Ron Paul has a blimp (the crowd laughed) He's raised more money than us, and he's going to be the shock of the decade. They also said that they are almost sure Ron Paul will take New Hampshire, West Virginia, Nevada, Michigan and California."

It's starting to really sink in that this is truly a movement, with Tucker repeating himself during a recent broadcast, "... and this IS a movement". If the blimp and Teaparty are as successful as planned and Ron Paul can beat Thompson in the polls before hand the campaign will be in a spot for Huckabeeesque blast to the top where the final bout can be fought between the two former underdogs Huckabee vs. Paul.

This is the kinda story you only read in fairy tales or an episode of Heroes. With the Univision debate this Sunday the 9th @ 7pm, it'll be one of Ron Paul greatest opportunities to reach a huge new crowd before the TeaParty. There are some high prospects of what's to be going on this month and we'll see if Ron Paul can transcend to being the ultimate symbol of what America means and should be.

An Individual empowered by Individualism and Individuals is the fundamental philosophy that is inherently America.

I repeat, this is only the first step of the battle, after the primaries we must mobilize every congressional district into a voting block. Sign up for the Liberty Independence Alliance and start a group for your congressional district and begin recruiting a group to take back control of your district.

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