Friday, December 7, 2007

#26 - The Ron Paul Blimp in a Free Market of Ideas

The Ron Paul Blimp is HERE

It was on Taco John appearance on Fox Business where I heard the campaign grassroots get referred to as a free market of Ideas. Of all the actors in this free market of ideas, Trevor Lyman, has been the most successful in creating media attention across grassroots efforts around the sites he's created for,,, and of course, . While many criticized the formation of a for profit company it's honestly one of the greatest campaign innovations that has come out of this free market of ideas. Ron Pauls hands off approach to the grassroots shows the power of a free market and generosity of Americans when given the responsibility to make those decisions.

If your still not sold on Austrian economics and Civil Liberty by the success of the Ron Paul grassroots which is fueled on these principles then I guess your just another collectivist. We may not always agree in the grassroots, we may sometimes fight over which ideas are more viable than others, but in the end the market decides and allocates the resources efficiently and it has created a pretty penny for the Paul campaign.

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