Thursday, December 6, 2007

#25 - Ron Paul Honest Money Act and Information Dissemination

The Honest Money Act, HR 2779

So Ron Paul has introduced another act in hopes to get the US to turn the course to Constitutional and Austrian economic ideals. I've watch a lot of videos today on the subjects of Liberty and Economic Policy and I've begun putting them all in the Video Section of the Liberty Independence Alliance.

Bills like these only get votes in congress if the voters in their district can rally behind the bill, or if the people in the district can get Liberty minded people into office. It's these two issues that I try to address by the creation of the LIA, a social network I started for people to pull together information and organize locally.

So if your reading this please help in the battle of ideas by helping proliferate the information on Liberty by doing the following.

- Sign up for the Liberty Independence Alliance, this gets you access to upload video, write blogs, post of the forum, and receive periodical newsletters detailing new Bills and candidates that help or hurt our civil liberties to make sure we keep our Legislature in check.

- Start a group on the LIA for your congressional district and begin getting like minded voters on the group to discuss local issues and form a powerful voting block that can influence local politics.

- Write blogs, post threads, videos, and photos to disseminate information about liberty.

- Watch the many videos on the site to further understand the philosophy and concepts of Liberty and Austrian Economics to further be able to defend these ideals and principles.

- Get your district to do the same.

Start Watching the videos now! With Great President like Ron Paul we need a strong congress to go with it, Join the Liberty Independence Alliance now!

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