Thursday, December 6, 2007

#24 - Faith and Politics

Here we are again, another presidential candidate is explaining himself and his faith in the race for the white House. While I'm against Romney as president for many reasons including foreign policy and lack of respect for the constitution, his Mormon faith SHOULD NOT be a factor in his ability serve this country. Champion of the Constitution and Presidential Candidate, Ron Paul, also feels that this issue of Romneys faith is counterproductive.

A good candidate no matter what his faith can separate himself from duty as the Commander and Chief. The US Constitution was geniusly created in way where serving your country does not have to conflict with your spirituality and conflict with those of others. Although a disregard for the 10th Amendment as I spoke of before have brought before the federal government issues that were never meant to be in their jurisdiction. Marriage, Abortion, Prayer are not the jurisdiction of the federal government and the idea that it is has created this idea that being a good president is inherent in ones faith.

A understanding of the US constitution would address all these issues no matter what your faith whether your Christian, catholic, Mormon, Buddhist, or a Scientologist. With Romneys mention of consulting lawyers for military action, we know he does not have a firm understanding of the constitution and should not be president. Focus on the constitution and you will see that the country will stay on the right course with anyone in charge.

Vote Ron Paul, the Champion of the Constitution.

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