Thursday, December 13, 2007

#37 - Dschinghis Khan, Rockapella and Ron Paul

This year with so much on the line and between hope and despair constantly blurring in a world with disregard for diplomacy and strong currency, it's disco to the rescue to liven up the mood. Occasionally on the boards we'll see someone randomly post a link to this video, and it keeps cheery and plowing through to fight for the revolution. We can't live every moment in fear of impending economic downfall, so thanks Dschinghis Khan for keeping up the morale in the revolution.

Also with the discussion of the Iowa state debate of education and Ron Pauls mention of self-responsibility in staying informed and educated it made me miss the days as a child when the TV would aid in the process. I would flip on PBS before the school bus came and catch Square1 and Where in the world is Carmen San Diego. I'm not aware of the level of educational programming available for kids these daysbut I know there is plenty of it online to return to Dr. Pauls point. Maximizing use of the internet into our education and a respect for the 10th will bring the US back from educational drop from the current world where Miss Teen USA thinks the US has a map scarcity issue.

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