Friday, December 14, 2007

#38 - Ron Paul and Paris Hilton

Ron Paul = Anti Government = Anti Paris Hilton

To understand this we must make a few assumptions.

Why do we hate Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton is representative of a generation of complacency smug in the fact that things will be provided them by their rich parents. This lack of a personal connection with scarcity has created this complacency and devaluation of the perception of scarce goods. Essentially, you can't miss anything until it's gone, and since Paris was never without she can't truly value what she has cause of perception. While the "I want my daughter to have a good life" is a noble intention to spoil ones child, intentions do not justify the results.

If you agree with presumption then you probably agree philosophically with this analogy:

Federal Government = Rich Parents

The Federal Government with "I want the citizens to not go without" intention creates social programs causing deficit spending creating an illusion of a lack of scarcity of things like healthcare, wealth, education, etc. While at the time of these programs creation there were many people without with the perspective to appreciate the help, the following generations operated with these provisions of as status quo which led to complacency and a disconnect with these scarcities.

We're seeing the same effect spread out over an entire generation who can't imagine a world without government intervention. While these generations may never be able to survive without it, we must move to make sure future generations reconnect with scarcity and value to prevent wasteful spending, disregard for the environment, and disrespect for the value of an education.

We're continually creating generations of people who can't survive without mommy and Daddys big checkbook, and if Paris Hilton symbolizes the kind of waste of resources you detest we must return to values of freedom in commerce and life so people can value what they have earned.

Ron Paul = Anti Government = Anti Paris Hilton

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