Tuesday, December 18, 2007

#43 - Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Analysis

Wow, now that was a controversial interview. Ron Paul has had more awkward and controversial interviews before, but never in vehicle that has such a wide audience like Glenn Becks show, which is the 3rd highest rates news television show. Overall, the interview gave Ron Paul a lot of time to speak on many issues, and Glenn Becked asked a lot of issues that Ron Paul detractors might have misconceptions on.

People who don't support Paul fall into three different categories:

- Right Wing detractors: Believe that Ron Paul sympathizes with conspiracy theories and think Ron Paul believes that pulling out of Iraq would be an overnight success.

GB Effect: This probably converted many of these to RP with his denouncing of conspiracy theories and explanation of his views on the war beyond just a simple soundbite

-Left Wing Detractors: Bogged down by misconceptions of Ron Pauls views on Education, the Environment and Minorities. They oppose RP's views on Abortion, and don't know enough about economics to understand Ron Pauls economic views which are the foundation of everything.

GB effect: No effect on these, I'm hoping Ron Paul being on Meet the Press will address these detractors a bit more.

- Those Unaware of Paul: These people just aren't aware of Paul

GB effect: I think most of us found Paul at moment of high disruption, and this interview was quite disruptive and I think those who aren't sold or turned off will be heavily curious and will do research.

Conclusion: While it wasn't what a lot of people hopes for, it was a lot more fair an interview than not. Luckily, due to the strength of Ron Pauls base we can't really lose supporters cause RP supporters tend to be super well informed and not easily influenced cause of this. Add this to theMike Huckabee Fascism comment, I think Ron Paul has officially been welcomed today into the warm slanderous bussom of the MSM. Isn't this what we wanted? Why doesn't it feel like I would expect?

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