Friday, December 21, 2007

#46 - The Carter and Wolfowitz Doctrines, Interventionist Doctrines

Hey Guys,

Today a little bit of history of the Interventionist policy in the US. Historically, Interventionism has been practiced by democrats who believed in Nation Building, yet the democrats under Jimmy Carter set a very dangerous precedence with the Carter Doctrine. This is the interventionist Doctrine led to Middle East Oil being a priority of US policy, from the traditionally interventionist democrats. Carters administration led to record inflation which led to a revolutionary upset from Reagan in the next presidential elections. While I still feel ill about Reagan's AIDS policy, I still think fiscally and foreign policy wise, Reagan did a better job or going in the right direction and it was a result of the country wanting a change.

Now inflation is going up again and the country is begging for change and it has set a hot fire to the Ron Paul campaign, igniting the Freedom Movement. Now under a republican president, we see the same type of interventionist policies and the results of the Carter doctrine continue. Although in 1992 we saw a continuation of this interventionist policy with the Wolfowitz doctrine, so now was oil not only Foreign Policy by doctrine but also pre-emptive war to prevent rivals to US power... very dangerous policy in my view.

So we got the Wolfowitz and the Carter Doctrine promoting Interventionist policy from the Republicans and Democrats, promoting deficit spending and inflation from both parties. Who can you trust any more, not imaginary party lines. Who you can trust are individuals with integrity and honesty who value the US constitution the document meant to unite the nation in prosperity.

You can trust Ron Paul.

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