Thursday, December 20, 2007

#45 - The Tancredo Effect

Hey Guys,

Today I'm giving a whole post to discuss the impending Tom Tancredo announcement at 3pm. Tancredo since the beginning has been a very bizzare character in the GOP race. How else can you charachterize a guy who wants to end LEGAL immigration and bomb mecca. Although, while I feel his misguided patriotism and shortsighted views on immigration tend to be offensive and borderline intolerant (I wouldn't use the word racist, that's probably too strong for Tancredo).

I've watched over the month as Tancredo panders to the likely republican border by taking potshots at Ron Paul at the CNN debate, and alienates "Latino" and "Muslim" voters(I use the terms loosely as an individualist) by saying he'd bomb mecca and boycotting the Univision debate. Although due to his label as a Patriot and Protectionist, he still gets some support from nationalists, who also supported Buchanan and Hunter. While I'm all for protecting US sovereignty, I'm against the protectionism of a Tancredo, Hunter, or Buchanan cause it's a few notches away from isolationism.

I prefer Ron Pauls method of protecting sovereignty while promoting free trade by increasing LEGAL immigration and stripping all benefits to ILLEGAL immigration. Then opening free trade with ALL nations (even Cuba and Venezuela, it would create agriculture jobs!!!). We want immigrants, we just want them to be legal. Without all the social programs around we would have no reason to not let in higher numbers of LEGAL immigrants from around the world to the beautiful melting pot that is the US. We would need all the people we can get to keep up the rise in productivity of a Free Market which the US hasn't seen anything resembling since the late 1800's.

Yet ,Ron Paul, does attract a large variety of voters cause of freedom message. From my time in the Ron Paul grassroots I've met people who identify themselves as democrats, republicans, libertarians, anarchists, protectionists, white suremacists, 9/11 truthers, environmentalists, socialists, stock brokers, Christians, Latino, Black, Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, Scientologists, and so many more and watched them work together for freedom. This shows you the strength of freedom, and the belief that each individual has rights to their own beliefs and pursuits which crosses the lines of so many conflicting ideologies working together as a concerned nation. We're a melting pot, and it's this truth that makes Ron Pauls support so strong.

So, yes, some Ron Paul supporters are Tancredo fans and hope to see his supporters come to the Paul camp if Tancredo does announce that he will end his run today. I would venture that it may not that work that way cause if they haven't joined the Paul camp yet it's probably cause they won't budge on a Foreign Policy of Commerce and Diplomacy which Ron Paul promotes.

Overall... Tancredo to me isn't someone I can get behind on any level, yet seeing how fans of his can also support Ron Paul along with a flood of former Barack Obama supporters who I've seen support Ron Paul as well show's you the power of the Freedom Movement.


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