Saturday, December 22, 2007

#50 - The Reality of Change and Freedom to Fascism

I just got done watching the wonderful documentary, Freedom to Fascism, which I recommend you all watch and spread. This made me really admire the need for a massive movement of individuals, which I continue to refer to as the Freedom Movement. The freedom movement is currently in the form of the Ron Paul Revolution, a beautiful marvel of the people taking back their government. This has made me make many resolutions to spread liberty which I've mentioned in this blog.

- Continue to learn about history and freedom and spread this knowledge through this blog
- take action by speaking public ally and running for public office
- continue to help motivate change to restore liberty

It's this commitment to change in which I present to you ---------------------
(feel free to copy and paste this essay wherever you want)

An Outlook on Change
by Alex Merced

Change is what the world is in constant demand of, yet grows more scarce as oppressive powers that create complacency and rob us of the resources and voice to provide this change. To return this change to the world is the duty of those who believe that hope and idealism still have a role in this world.

In order to create change you must be able to understand where change comes from, it comes from two vital facets, Creativity and Consistency. What are these pieces of the puzzle and how do we put them together?

Creativity - This is not the ability to create new ideas out of thin air like paper money from a central bank, but to take several bodies of valuable knowledge and synthesizing it into new ideas backed by ideas of value like currency back by gold. So to be creative is to be filled with a variety of knowledge and to have ability synthesize it into new knowledge.

Consistency - One day of creativity or action isn't enough to create sustained change in the world, change takes a lifetime of effort. Creating Change is like educating the world, and to learn something it takes repetition and time for something to sink in, the same is true with change.

In order to see a change in the world old ideas must be understood and new ones created in order make several attempts at educating the world with the hope of eventual change. The world is in need of change from each and every one of us.

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