Sunday, December 23, 2007

#51 - For those Misinformed about Ron Paul

Ok, today Ron Paul was on Meet The Press with Tim Russert. Russert is known for being a political hitman and had destroyed Romney and Giuliani in the previous weeks spending more time on scandals than on any talk about issues. Luckily, Ron Pauls record is clean enough that most of hitpieces revolved around common misconceptions about Paul that Russert should know better about but I guess he had to find something to keep up his hitman reputation.

I hear so many misinformed accusations about Ron Paul and I'm gonna take a moment to address most of them.

Accusations of Racism: Ron Paul believes in individual rights, so he's gonna vote against any bill the grants rights, since the job of government is to protect individual rights not grant group rights. Here are the common accusations about racism. Ron Paul is actually the most popular republican candidate among black voters.

Racist Comments in Newsletter - This has been PROVEN to be written by someone else who was fired soon afterwards, although Ron Paul did apologize for the release of the newsletter. NEVER before or after this newsletter has Ron Paul ever made any comments even similar to this, and if you read his book "Foreign Policy of Freedom" many times refers to how big government oppresses the poor and minorities.

$500 Donation from Don Black (white supremacist) - Many people donate to Ron Paul and the 18+ million dollars he's raised, he does not have time to screen donations. Also, Ron Paul hasn't and never will deny people their right to support a politician of their choosing, and to return this would be to go against his principles of individual rights. A better question would be about the influence of the donations to Hillary from the same people that funded Bush, the military industrial complex, getting more donations from Lockheed Martin than any other candidate.

Photo with Don Black - again, if you expect Paul to screen everyone he takes photos with your crazy. Ron Paul is the only candidate who stays after every appearance for hours to make sure he let's everybody who's want some of his time to get some, I admire Ron Pauls dedication to his followers despite how it may effect his campaign, he is a man of the people. I'm just glad even people from ideologies I completely disagree with can get behind a constitutional champion like Paul.

Accusations of Earmark Hypocrisy: To understand this you must understand how the earmark system works. There is a portion of the budget that is set aside for every congressional district, if the congressman for that district does not appropriate these funds through earmarks it is given back to the federal government and SPENT ANYWAYS. So to not use these earmarks is to let the districts tax money never get used FOR THEM. Ron Paul is against the earmark system, but not putting earmarks in bills does not lower spending the only way to lower the spending it to get rid of the system altogether which Ron Paul has introduced bills to do.

Ron Paul actually does his Job.

Ron Paul is against Public School: WRONG, he is against the Department of Education. Getting rid of the department of education does not mean getting rid of Public Schools but giving the authority to the states.


- Ron Paul will not take Social Security/Medicare away from people who need it but allow the next generation to opt out of paying money they will never recieve

- Ron Paul actually wants to increase and streamline immigration, but is against subsidizing illegal immigration through welfare and birthright citizenship. He does not think immigration hurts our economy, but a weak economy due to a welfare state hurts our capacity for immigrants.

- Ron Paul is not an isolationist, he believes in free trade and travel with other nations and building friendships. An isolationist would not trade or allow travel between nations.

different states will have different systems, eventually one state will devise a superior system which many other states will follow suite with. By allowing a variety of ideas, you allow progress in how things are done. If you are progressive you must support the progress of ideas that is brought by allowing differing solutions to different problems.

I think this covers the most offensive and horribly mis-represented information about Ron Paul. No matter what you believe Ron Pauls record shows he is a man of the Constitution and is the only one willing to address the currency crisis, period, there is NO OTHER OPTION.

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