Sunday, December 23, 2007

#52 - Animal Rights, Genocide, other causes

Hey Guys,

Here I am watching a documentary about the History of PETA and such, and it shows much of the animal abuse footage we are all very familiar with by now. Also I have seen people using Ron Pauls position of Non-Intervention as the basis of saying he supports genocide which is ludicrous. I think everyone can agree that this kinda of treatment of animals isn't excusable and genocide is a heinous injustice to civil liberty and it's our duty as individuals to be informed and to inform others.

I do not believe it's the job of the government to get involved in these issues cause the job of the government is to protect the nations sovereignty and it's citizens rights, by doing so is helping in the spread of Liberty and justice by leading by example and providing the freedom to it's citizens to create change at home and around the world. The fact that many of these issues still exist is cause of the notion we believe government is responsible for fixing every injustice in the world, this thought is what holds people back from action from which is our duty.

It's our duty to be informed about the atrocities in this world and inform others and to address these issues in a civil manner through protests, divestment, proliferation of information, but to not violate the civil liberities of others by encouraging government intervention.

Animal Rights: The only role I see for the government in this issue is if people want to push for an amendment to the constitution introducing rights for animals, but until then there is no role for government in this issue except maybe pushing for divestment from any agencies that invest in violations, although the government should be small enough that this is not an issue.

Genocide: Government should not subsidize other nations on any level. There only responsibility is to it's citizens by trading with other nations and building diplomatic relationships. No foreign aid or military aid to other nations. Ron Paul is the only one who would take this action which would aid in reducing terrorism and genocide around the world without sacrificing the lives of troops.

The responsibility for these issues is ours, not the government, that type of thinking is what caused these atrocities in the first place, period.

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Anonymous said...

I'm vegan and I agree. It's not the federal government's role to stop cruelty to animals. It would be left to the states to decide if killing animals is punishable.

Animal rights groups should focus on educating the people not dealing with the government. When there are enough people against animal cruelty, then something can happen at the state level.