Tuesday, December 25, 2007

#58 - Pundit Bill Kristols Vendetta against Ron Paul

Hey Guys,

Today on the Ron Paul forums someone exposed the vendetta of Neoconservative Pundit, Bill Kristol. I still haven't got quite this far in the tome of knowledge that is Ron Paul's "Foreign policy of Freedom", but this is a find that really explains Kirstols extreme hostility towards Paul on a appearance on FoxNews where he calls Ron Paul a crackpot and unamerican for saying diplomacy and tact would save American lives by preventing wars. It's funny the more people have dug the more it has appeared many people with influence have strong reasons to undermine Pauls candidacy cause of his views of small government which many of his detractors pretend to support.

Iowa is a little over a week away, then the world will finally know where Paul stands in far as actual voters, it's gonna be a nail biter. Ron Paul, your freedoms last chance.

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