Wednesday, February 6, 2008

#108 - Hope is a Crazy Thing


I know many of us Ron Paul supporters are discouraged from the super Tuesday results, but this is because your looking at what was a huge success through the wrong perspective. Millions and Millions of people voted for Ron Paul yesterday, including myself. The beauty of this is that Ron Paul does not have passive voters. Every one of those votes were people ready to fight and speak the message of freedom, who thoughts so many people understood Liberty and Freedom. We area movement strong, loud, and unified and still growing.

The movement and the message is strong, and while there is some concern whether continuing in this race is the best vehicle for the freedom message, here's the argument for continuing in the republican primaries.

Delegate wise we are doing much better than apparent due to great organization in caucus states which will prove to be a majority in many of their state conventions. So hopefully at all these state conventions we can win a delegate majority and get the 5 states we need to qualify for a brokered convention. If Huckabee and Romney keeps sapping up delegates on the side, the likeliness of brokered convention is near inevitable. So the chance of Ron Paul winning the nomination in a brokered convention is still very much alive.

The other side of the argument is with the media blackout and smear attempts in the media would alienate many from the freedom the message if we stay in this vehicle. If we were to reincarnate in a vehicle such as a leadership PAC which we can fund for Ron Paul to travel and spread the message to hotspots to get people into those congressional and senatorial offices. Yet the fear in this scenario is the plethora of people we have as Ron Paul delegates, will they have the morale follow through to continue in the process to reform the party platform and plus who to vote for president since there is NO substitute for Ron Paul.

In the end I think we'll see Ron Paul continue in the race, which is great and we must support him in his every action. Although, we must not lose sight of the grander movement and take responsibility for getting liberty candidates in your local offices, cause we need many individuals to have actually influence on the policies of this great nation.

So help me in these efforts and sign up @ as we fuel the freedom movement across the nation.

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