Thursday, February 7, 2008

#109 - Romney SUSPENDS his campaign

Hey Guys,

Today Romney really showed how smart he is, if you think this suspension means he's not still hoping for the nomination your quite wrong, if that were the case he would of dropped out. Him to campaign normally would've sealed the deal for Mccain as Huckabee and Romney would continue to split the anti-mccain vote. With Romney moving to the sidelines it gives Huckabee the boost he needs to win over Mccain in most of the remaining states causing a brokered convention, in which Romney will still technically be in contention. This is a very clever play, cause if Huckabee won every remaining state he could not hit 1191 delegates, and this is what Romney is banking on cause like he said "I don't like to lose".

This benefits the Ron Paul campaign in many ways.

- Gives us free reign in the remaining caucus states, and also will give us some room to pull off extra delegates in the state conventions of the previous caucus states.

- less media clutter between the three "remaining candidates"

This totally changes the dynamics of the entire race.

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