Monday, September 22, 2008

#149 - Hope for Non-Partisan Unity

In the new writing by Ron Paul, he really highlights what made him standout in the crowd during this years elections. His focus not on what we disagree on which separates us, but on what we agree on which brings us together.

It's no secret that most Ron Paul supporters don't agree with Ron Paul on most issues, even disagree with him on very decisive issues such as abortion. In the end people supported him cause the common ground was stronger than he divisions which is why we saw people from all over the political spectrum embrace the movement.

This is my problem with Democrats and Republicans.

Republicans spend all day focusing on the differences with Democrats

Democrats spend all day focusing on the difference with Republicans

they spend so much time being decisive that they abandon issues and focus solely of differentiating themselves from each other in useless bickering/marketing. This is why seeing Ron Pauls press conference with Nader, Mckinney, and Chuck Baldwin was so important cause you had candidates from such different political philosophies uniting on common ground.

This is what reaching across the aisle for change really looks like, putting aside SUBSTANTIAL differences for advancements of SUBSTANTIAL similarities.

The system is setup to create stalemates in the areas of disagreement, but change can happen in the common ground if we focused on that instead. Don't let the system blind you from the potential of nation united.

(NOTE: I do realize Ron Paul has officially endorsed Chuck Baldwin, if you read between the lines it's all a strategic move to target the group who's been the hardest to involve in the movement, the evangelicals. Like them or not, a coalition must be formed for change which can only be formed on common ground. I'm in this to create change, not to play to the marketing of some party.)

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