Tuesday, September 23, 2008

#150 - The Importance of Utopia

Many criticize politicians like Ron Paul who articulate goals such ending the IRS and the Federal Reserve as if they don't understand that it PRACTICALLY can't be done overnight. Although, in order to consistent and productive policy views you must have a vision of where you are going, a utopia to which base policy decisions as a path towards.

Whether it'd be the world where all needs are met through coercsion of production and wealth via socialism

Whether it'd be the world where strict value and genetic adherence create an efficient human race via facism

or even the coercion free world where people are free to pursuit their own ends and own their property, life, and actions of freedom minded people such as myself, Ron Paul, and everyone else in the movement.

We all have utopia, and it's this utopia that must exist in order to form policy for without a utopia policy becomes solely shortsighted and reactionary focusing solely on how to alleviate current problems which are usually just symptoms of larger more fundamental problems.

This is what the US has become, a household for reactionary policy

- the war on Iraq/Afghanistan, reaction to an event that is part of a bigger gap in US foreign policy

- The bailouts, addressing an instance of the business cycle which is the creation of the fundamental banking system which fosters it

- building a fence, a shallow attempt to address the burden created by mixture of managed trade, wage/price controls, and a welfare system

Only with a vision of a utopia can one be led to look at the foundation of a problem, for a reaction only exists in the now, only cares about the now. We need to return to a vision of utopia, no matter which utopia you choose at least in the end the debate of the fundamental US system will come back to life in doing so.

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